At your pace

Ever feel like it’s too much to even start? Here, you can set the pace that works for your life.

Joint Planning

We believe in collaborative goal setting. Here, your goals are our targets.


After the first visit, follow up appointments can be made from the comfort of your own home!

Naturopathic doctorate

Our providers are trained through accredited 4-Year Post- Graduate Doctorate programs specializing in alternative care.

About us

Healing Power of Nature

Would you expect destroying a nest of termites to restore the walls they had chewed through?

At Inner Vector Naturopaths we believe in taking steps to restore your foundational health through natural means, in addition to addressing an illness at its root causes.


We personalize your care, offering several methods of treatment and service

Naturopathic Consultations

Offering a personalized  recommendations to reach your goals in areas such as lifestyle, nutrition, herbals, and supplementation.

Herbal Education

Free and Premium classes available.

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Coming soon!


Following the 5 elements theory of eastern medicine, acupuncture addresses pain management and more.


Memories from our clinic and past herbal classes and workshops!

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